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  • Living-room as Makeshift Office

    Living-room as Makeshift Office

  • Couch As Work-space with Side Table

    Couch As Work-space with Side Table

  • Bay Window Nook Workarea

    Bay Window Nook Workarea

  • Opening Shelf as Work Area

    Opening Shelf as Work Area

  • TV As Breakout Space and Webinar Console

    TV As Breakout Space and Webinar Console

  • Dining Table with Credenza as Makeshift Office

    Dining Table with Credenza as Makeshift Office


As technology advances, the ability and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world becomes a reality – including from the comfort of your home. We examine the 3 main typologies for setting up the perfect work environment within the Living room, Bedroom, and Condo den. 


The living room can be used as a flex space that can transition from work to play seamlessly. Side tables are effective ways to create a working surface for your laptop while lounging on the sectional. We also recommend creating a small nook by the bay window as a working/reading area and adding greenery to the space. Open shelves can also be extended to become a make-shift desk. The area in front of your TV naturally serves as a breakout space for a quick workout or for streching while catching up on a webinare. Adding a credenza in the dining room for storing office supplies can naturally transform the dining table into a work area. 


Bedrooms are natural conversions into home offices. If you have the luxury of an extra bedroom, maximize the storage area by building up rather than building out. Dedicate one wall for filing and storage space using floor-standing and overhead shelving and the wall under the window for a half-height credenza. Orient the desk so you face the door with your back against a wall- we refer to this as the “command position” because it gives you the psychological safety of being able to see the widest possible view of the space. When the home office is situated in the bedroom, separation of zones is important. Place an area rug under the bed to define the sleep area and utilize intergrative storage to hide filing and office supplies. Create ambiance through lighting, greenery, and scents.

Bedroom As Home Office 2
Bedroom As Home Office


When condo dens are intentionally designed, they become comfortable nooks that facilitate distraction-free productivity. Often times, they’re situated in awkward locations that end up being used as a big open closet. In a rectangular-shaped den, take advantage of as much vertical space as possible via integrated shelving with desk as well as floating shelves. A small reading nook can also be created with linear bench seating with storage below. For square-shaped dens, consider this as an open executive office by orienting your desk in the “command position” where your back is against the wall with a direct view into the condo, which creates a sense of psychological safety and control. Create a spatial separation with privacy panels and adding area rugs under the desk to define the work environment and integrated greenery that thrives in indirect light to freshen up the space. Lastly, adding a feature wall via color or material blocking can make the space feel larger than it actually is. Message us if you require further tips to spruce up your home office!


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