Technology Firm

Technology Firm

A Flexible, Comfortable Space For Happy & Engaged Employees

Technology Firm

A technology company expands its horizons in a bespoke award-winning workplace.

Working with an Anthropologist, we conducted extensive research within the company to understand the exact needs of the company’s end users prior to designing. The challenge was to create a unifying space within a multi-level office that supports employees working collaboratively yet independently in a flexible, comfortable environment.

The idea for a central staircase, serving as both a statement piece and practical element, was a collaboration with the client and our team of designers, architects, engineers, and contractors. By carving into an existing floorplate, all three levels were connected through an internal atrium providing a central circulation space across 55,000 square feet. Bold artwork, graphics, and light fixtures were strategically allocated to create a sense of energy in meeting and collaborative spaces. Additionally, whiteboards integrated within corridor dividers allow for spontaneous brainstorming. Biophilic elements, such as live green walls were used to create a sense of calm to promote wellness. There’s even a hidden Speakeasy bar to be enjoyed after-hours.

The project received Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)’s Value Of Design Award of Merit in Innovation.

Completion Year: 2021
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Client: Withheld
Size: 55,000 ft2

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