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Technology Office

Technology Office


Technology Office

Different modes of working require different types of spaces. We created distinct zones within a single office floor that can accommodate collaboration, focussed work, meetings, and training. 

We wanted to create an impact with building out a central room to be the “jewel” focus in the center of the office. The company had young energy yet their existing space didn’t translate into the vibrant culture that they had. We brought in a bold yellow to energize the space and created custom graphics on glazing to provide privacy and design at the same time.

Private sound-tight acoustic pods accommodate both small meetings and personal focus thanks to its sound-proof qualities. Additionally, graphic decals applied on the glass door adds a branded feel while creating a subtle sense of enclosure when inside the pod. A small breakout area near windows allows for quick impromptu meetings or for a moment of reflection.

Completion Year: 2019
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Client: Withheld
Size: 5,500 ft2

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