A Retreat From Home At Home


We created YardPods to solve two specific pain-points homeowners have when working from home: 1) working from home can feel like living at work, where the stress can carry into your home environment, leading to mental health challenges such as anxiety and burn-out 2) building permits can be an expensive and time-consuming process

We address the first issue by physically creating an additional room detached from the main house. This physical separation allows the home to be kept as a sanctuary, creating that mental and physical separation between live and work. By keeping the footprint to within 108sqft, the Pods are not required to go through the building permit process, taking a fraction of the time and money it takes to construct a laneway suite or addition.

Materials are locally sourced. Thermal treated pine for the natural wood finish or Hardie Board. Two sets of operable windows at the top and bottom allow for passive ventilation.

Three tiers are offered: the Standard tier is the most well insulated version. Deluxe tier is equipped with 3 sliding glass doors that open to one side and have a two-way fire-place. The Premium tier has an accordion glass wall that can open completely and an additional set of glass beside the two-way fireplace, creating a truly inside-out approach.

Completion Year: 2021
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Size: 108 ft2

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